Immunity Formulas Review – Most Powerful Immune Enhancer!!

Immunity Formulas™ best-selling herbal essential oil is made up of a combination of natural immune system supporting ingredients that can help with boosting the immune system, diffusing airborne toxins and help protect against viral threats.

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Immunity Formulas Review

All health-conscious people should have immunity formulas in their homes. For a minimal price one can get their body’s natural defense systems boosted. Sanitizes all surfaces, kills harmful bacteria and sterilizes the liquids in the bottle. This is in essence a liquid that sanitizes. One can use it as a cleaning agent for hard to reach places like the bathroom floors and sinks.

There are a wide variety of Sanitizers and Immune Boosters available on the market. They come in the form of sprays, capsules, liquid, tablets and juices. There is a great variety to choose from. In the past, Sanitizers and Immune Boosters were a costly addition to one’s health regimen. The availability of such components in the form of tablets has reduced the price, making them more affordable.

It was only in the mid 1980’s that the Sanitizers first came in the form of tablets. The idea of using chemicals to build immunity was greeted with both skepticism and cautious optimism. There were a number of studies conducted on immune system boosters. It was found that during the course of a month, the immune system produced antibodies that protected people from colds. But it could only be for a limited amount of time. It also took some time for the antibody levels to return to normal.

What is Immunity Formulas?

With the current global health crisis, you can never go wrong with Sanitizers and Immunity Formulas. As the name suggests, these products fight off and remove fungal and viral infections which could cause you great discomfort. They also reduce the risk of suffering from allergies, asthma and various respiratory disorders. The various ingredients of these health supplements include turmeric, licorice extract, vitamin C, pau d’arco, ginger root, gingko biloba, vitamin B12 and other ingredients that strengthen your immune system to fight infection and keep you healthy.

Our immune function is the one which decides how we fight infection. If our immune function is compromised, we become more prone to colds, flu and viral and bacterial infections. Weak immunity can also affect the functioning of our reproductive organs. Lack of adequate immunity can weaken our entire body including our cardiovascular system, which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

How Immunity Formulas works and how to use it?

Turmeric has shown significant anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce symptoms of arthritis and joint pains. It also helps to fight against bacteria and viruses. Licorice extract aids in the production of nitric oxide which is a vital defense mechanism of the body. Ginger root and gingko biloba extract fortify the immune system and reduce various diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.

Several studies have revealed that deficiencies in antioxidant substances lead to the development of numerous diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infections. Lack of vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex leads to the weakening of our immune system. Magnesium deficiency causes hypertension, which is one of the leading factors of heart attacks and stroke. Vitamins C and E strengthen the immune system as well as various types of infections.

Bioflavinoids found in pine bark and grape seeds are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent oxidative stress which can cause free radical damage to cellular DNA and lead to cell mutation which ultimately results in cancer. Glucosamine is an essential constituent of MSM and helps prevent degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis. MSM is an important component of many joint health supplements. Chondroitin sulfate is a natural substance found in cartilage and synovial fluid, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. It can also enhance immune function and prevent infections.

What are the ingredients present in Immunity Formulas?

The scientists labored on finding alternatives to the toxic sanitizers. Eventually they came up with the solution to improve upon the product’s performance. It was discovered that tannins from garlic and Echinacea capsules help improve immunity. It was then discovered that combining the tannins with Vitamins C and A proved to be the ideal combination to produce an effective defense against viruses. These ingredients, as part of their fight against illness, also help improve the function of the immune system so that it can stay healthy.

The next best ingredient to add to the formula is ginger. Ginger, like garlic, contains natural antioxidants. When ginger is combined with vitamin C, B complex and Echinacea it forms an efficient defense against viruses. When combined with turmeric it becomes even more powerful. And the last ingredient to be added is pure Mistletoe that boosts the innate immunity.

These four ingredients have proven to be extremely helpful to those who wish to boost their immune system. There are many who use the products to stay healthy. These products not only keep them healthy but also restore their health when the need arises. If you are sick and tired of suffering from various ailments such as: colds, flu, stomach ailments, rashes, skin problems and many more. It will not take long for you to see the positive changes in your body once you begin using these products to boost your immune system.

Other vital ingredients include turmeric, peanut, green tea extract, grape seed, garlic, ginger, gingko biloba, licorice and asafetida. All these ingredients support the immunity of our bodies by fighting against various infections. Some of the diseases like arthritis, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, HPV, hepatitis, gallbladder, ulcer and kidney diseases are completely cured by using these anti-inflammatory agents.


  • The natural ingredients of the body are not able to fight against common flu and cold.
  • Only very potent and powerful immune systems are able to do so.
  • Hence we should always take the help of immunity formulas immune support to fight any common cold or flu. Our body requires these products to remain fit and active.
  • There is no point in taking food rich in carbohydrates and calories if we cannot produce sufficient antibodies to fight against these common illnesses.
  • These formulas strengthen our defenses and help us in becoming fit and fine.


  • There are more immune support available in market you need to get a real one which having trademark symbol.


Immunity Formulas are the best solution for any type of ailments. They are made by mixing the nutrients required by our body. We should check whether the products contain vital nutrients to fight against common and severe diseases. Diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Parasites, Depression, Psoriasis, Muscle pain, Arthritis, Heart disease, Obesity and many more are cured with the help of immunity supplements.

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