What Happens When You Allow the Vast Expansion of Spiritual Energies?

What Happens When You Allow the Vast Expansion of Spiritual Energies?

When you allow the vast expansion of spiritual energies into an integral part of your daily movements, the flow of life becomes more intense and fulfilling. I wanted to let all of you know about this because some of you who have been on a spiritual journey for some time often do not realize that you have deviated from some basic idea. When you repeat your actions, you will find the height of your attitude, the lightness of your heart and soul to be simpler, less intense, and more forgiving when you allow the same issues to look new. It is very important to forgive yourself for past mistakes and future problems. When you realize that you don’t have to be perfect to look the highest strength right, a lot of the pressure you put on yourself will disappear.


I would also like to mention those who have been aware of their journey relatively recently and their relationship with the source of the light and spiritual institutions around you. It didn’t start too late, it didn’t start late. Everyone has the right to live his or her physical existence as he sees fit. Many of you need patience; For many of you in our role in heaven, patience is not something we should act on. It is irrelevant that our souls tremble at such a rate that, once again, the time it takes to reach what we can see is happening.

You are the only person who needs to be respected because it is a true and joyful spirit that gives from the heart and sends praise and love to as many people and places as possible. When you live in this tone and express peace, life is simplified. You understand so much more than just interacting with your loved ones and teachers in heaven. You begin to understand that light is light; The high volume of TV or radio is not accidental. You have begun to believe in the intuitive aspects that tell you that your soul is still nurtured by those who have gone before you.

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There is no reason to abandon yourself. We wish all of you. There are many qualities and symbols associated with many religions. In many circles, the cup filled with wine represents the blood of Christ. This is a starting point for people to pay attention to. The truth is, you don’t have to do this, you just have to sit in prayer for several hours. I say this because, more often than not, people who persist in this way lose the importance and value they seek. The murmur of words is irresponsible and not like the heart when you talk to us like we are your friends. From a world viewpoint, if you were to ask someone for help, would you do it by going to her door and word of mouth after the spell, or “Hey, can you give me a hand?” The soul is like most of you. We want to reach the heart of the situation so that we can raise confidence and opportunity. We want to see you as you grow up and stay away from the harmful traits and evils that have caused so many disruptions in the past.

All people are created with equal boundaries. This statement is indeed a misnomer. There are no limits. No one sets any barrier to what you can achieve. When your mind is strong and your bodies are in the same field. The only thing you can’t accomplish is that you have to tell your mind or do another project on it. A child born in the back forest, city, India, Iran, Israel, Canada, Indonesia or anywhere else in the world has the same possibilities. If you take every child born, move them to the same place with the same positive cues that guide them, no matter who is born or where you will find that each of them is completely different. This may surprise you depending on where you think this message is destined.

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Everyone is wired to know what spirits are needed. Why do some people who seem to have everything get dissatisfied with them, which can then lead to disorders leading to greater distress? Others, you may see only the poverty and disease and emotional hardships that surround them may seem to be the happiest humans on this planet. Because they learned that its essence is not meant to move, but that it is the very essence that makes them special people.

Each of you should digest what I am trying to say. You need to learn how to never challenge your self. The sudden spark of light you meet from the corner of your eyes, the coolness you get when you think of a loved one, or the feeling of overwhelming emotion when a scent reminds you of something special that comes to you from childhood. My purpose for tonight is to try to get you all to integrate all levels of the opportunities the world can bring. Religion is a catalyst for some of you, and we pay tribute to you. Many of you need to know that the power of God is the center of the universe. No matter where you are or how you pray, you will be protected and understood. There is no right or wrong way to live your life unless you treat it with positive intentions, and do not look or overtake others on an individual or global basis.

I think I’ve done enough to make you think. My last thought is that you should be fearless and courageous in sharing the values ​​and principles of the Golden Rule, rather than stagnating in deep lessons. May she attract more and more happiness than you should feel good about unparalleled love in any case. Peace be with the Light and the Power if it is the highest in your hearts and souls. These are the words of the speaking soul.

This Hurting Life – Making Even Any Sense of It

Custer, as described by Eugene Peterson, is a wise teacher at the university, and there is something very real about what he studies. Some spiritual people have their standard bands “Victory in the name of Jesus, yes!” And “Alhamdulillah!” We somehow know that this is not the life that Jesus recognizes.

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Jesus is more realistic than that.

Jesus, who has been tormented for a lifetime, somehow knows the pain of life more than we know; All “Thank God!” Him. Such glorification is rarely granted.

Dealing with Unique Life: “Disaster”

For the poor spiritual spirit who has to wear the “face of the Church” to pretend to be a “Christian” – filled with the hope, joy, and peace of the Lord – there is a huge contradiction to how their lives have changed.

No wonder they feel the hypocrisy of the church.

There are many reminders of brokenness and dysfunction in their lives; most of us… no, we are all – without generalization. Recognizing frustration in our situation is what makes authenticity so appealing. This is true for us; Mr. or Mrs. Not the phaco.

The good question is, does this make us poor or disobedient Christians because we acknowledge that we have life worthless like unbelievers in Jesus’ life?

The truth is – this life hurts you in so many ways

A good question may be the above question, which is not a good question because it requires a lot of thinking or creating. There is indeed a remarkably simple answer.

Spirituality graph

They respond negatively.

The name “Jesus” might otherwise be pronounced “R-E-L-I-E-F” because it is the Lord of glory;

God is not good for us unless He is connected to reality and helps us to live in this chaotic world. Fortunately for all of us, God knows that life is often intertwined. That is, God is less aware of our busy and hateful lives than we are now.

That is why we are reminded to follow the gospel of the Spirit – the only way that life ever works is to seize our cross and carry them with truth, purpose, and humility. In this, God goes with us, in front of us, in setting our way… but not in lying about our circumstances by drawing on the ugly parts of some cloak that has been washed away at the first sign of truth.

This type of unequal lying is a sin, and nothing is more obvious.

This is the only way to understand the harmful life. The “triumph” in this “mess” is not because of the world but in the name of the perfect Jesus!


Jenifer Veronica

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